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Durable Carpet in Bedroom

Durable Carpet

Durability is a priority for every homeowner, but what's durable carpet for one family may not be enough for another.

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Durable Carpet

Durable Carpet in Living Room

About Durable Carpet

A likely question you'll have as you begin your flooring search: How do I know that this flooring can hold up to my busy household? Durability is a priority for every homeowner, but what's durable for one family may not be durable for another. 

As you navigate your options, consider the needs and traffic patterns of the rooms you're carpeting. This will help clarify the other decisions you'll need to make in the carpet buying process, like what fiber material, style, and pile height to buy. 

Most Durable Carpet Materials


Since its introduction in the 1950s, nylon has maintained its status as the most durable carpet material thanks to its ability to hold up to your active household without breaking the bank. Manufactured for supreme durability, nylon can easily handle the constant flow of foot traffic that likely comes in and out of your house daily. And an added bonus: It doesn't show compression marks as other materials do! Nylon also does a good job of resisting soil and stains when treated, making it the most durable carpet for pets. 


Though it doesn't have the bounce-back ability of nylon, polyester does have hydrophobic properties–a fancy way of saying it’s moisture-resistant. Polyester fibers repel liquids, which means no stains, mold, or mildew to worry about. For this reason, polyester is a durable kitchen carpet, as well as a strong contender for dining rooms, nurseries, and other moisture-prone areas. 


The latest and greatest carpet on the market, triexta is made up of synthetic materials that create some of the most durable carpet fibers available. It's a subclass of polyester, and the two boast many of the same characteristics, like colorfastness and resistance to stains and water. But triexta is actually more durable than polyester and rivals nylon in its resilience, which explains why it’s a perfect choice for active households with kids and pets. 


Looking to carpet your basement, patio, or screened-in porch? Olefin is a highly preferred carpet fiber for indoor/outdoor spaces and humid, below-grade basements thanks to its moisture resistance. Since this synthetic material doesn't wear as well with a bunch of feet running about, it’s best to consider olefin carpeting for your home's low traffic areas. 


Maybe you're looking for a plush carpet to sink your feet into when you wake every morning or a sturdy berber to complement your office or study. As you'd expect, some carpet constructions and pile heights hold up better than others. Here are three of the most durable carpet styles:

  • Loop carpet - This style featuresloops of uncut fibers that are tightly packed together. Its density creates an impressively strong surface that’s easily equipped to handle the high-traffic areas of your home, like living rooms, family rooms, and hallways. For a strong loop carpet that can withstand the constant trampling of kids and pets underfoot, berber durability is among the highest available.
  • Cut and loop carpet - This style mixes higher cut yarns alongside low-profile looped fibers to deliver a varied texture or pattern. Though less durable than all-loop carpeting, textured and patterned carpets provide a comfortable floor that can hold up to the daily wear and tear of your household, all while looking beautiful in bedrooms, living areas, and the like. 
  • Cut carpet - This style is constructed of cut fibers, exactly as the name implies, which can wear faster than looped material. It's used for the more laid-back frieze (perfect in cozy family rooms and basements), as well as plush and Saxony carpets (think formal living room and bedrooms). The main difference between them is the amount of twists in the individual yarns. The more twisting, the more durable the structure.


Routinely cleaning your carpet helps it stay durable and extends its lifespan. Fortunately, modern-day carpet products are fairly easy to keep clean. You need only vacuum regularly, making a point to adjust the vacuum height based on whether you've got a low pile or high pile carpet. 

Though some synthetic carpet fibers like polyester and triexta are stain-resistant, you still want to clean up spills and spots right away. Always refer to your manufacturer's guidelines for care instructions specific to your carpet. 


Once you select your new carpet and have it installed, you will enjoy it for years to come. But exactly how long your durable carpet will last depends on the fiber and style you choose, as well as a few other key factors. These include:

  • How it's installed
  • The quality of materials used 
  • The activity it sees in your home
  • How you take care of it
  • Whether you follow the manufacturer guidance provided

Before you make the purchase, don't forget to ask about the warranty provided at Carpet One Floor & Home, we offer warranty protection that ensures your new investment stays beautiful and worry-free. 


Carpet installations can be labor intensive, requiring a surprising number of tools and skills, as well as precision and patience. We recommend using professional installers who will ensure the job is done efficiently and with the right materials and process. This lets you start living on your new floors as soon as possible and rest easy knowing the installation was done properly.

Frequently asked questions

What type of carpet is the most durable?

Synthetic nylon provides the most resilient and stain-resistant fiber, regardless of the carpet style you choose. This material even wears well with a houseful of active kids and rowdy pets.  

What is the most durable carpet for the home?

The most durable carpet for the home really depends on the specific needs of your family. For instance, if you've got a team of little ones or even a herd of big dogs that freely run the house, stain-resistant and moisture-repelling fibers like nylon and triexta will be top contenders

What type of carpet is soft and durable?

Triexta is among the softest and most durable carpet fibers on the market today. This is largely due to its natural stain resistance, which means it doesn't require chemicals for stain protection. It's also hydrophobic, repelling moisture and resisting mold and mildew. That means no more stressing over spilled coffee, muddy paw prints, or newly discovered pet accidents.

What is the best grade of carpet?

Though there's no clear standard for carpet durability ratings or grades, you can use the three general categories to loosely guide your search. Low-grade (often referred to as builder's grade) is the most affordable option but with the shortest life expectancy. As you move to medium-grade and high-end, you can expect higher qualities and greater durability.

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